Easily portable filling stations and various steel structures


What is a scope of PETROCard Czech activities?

PETROCard is a Czech company offering the following products and services: 

Self-service filling station AVK series

We specialize in the development, production, sales, operations, maintenance and engineering activities.

Steel structures

We provide comprehensive design, static assessment of the design, complete manufacturing, finishing of the structure, transportation and installation of the structure itself.

Variable accessories to the filling station

Part of self-service petrol stations container AVK accessories can be in many forms. E.g. roofing of the filling, station price totem and other.

Technological containers

The base forms the supporting steel structure and cladding panels form a polyurethane at the desired thickness and profile.

What could make you happy ?

The benefits of self-service filling stations


Self-service refuelling and refilling of the fuel, continuous operation, simple operation, dispensing of operational fluids, modifications according to customer requirements, various operational volumes of fuel tanks.

Operational safety

Camera system for scanning the surroundings, HD cameras, night lighting, access through an application in the mobile phone, cashless payments including contactless payments, impossible to leave without paying.

Comprehensive aboveground container solution

Easy to transport and install, lower demands on construction preparedness and rapid approval process, certified product.

Remote management and control of the AVK stations

Ability to control a network of petrol stations, the station data available from the PC, mobile, tablet, automated reports on the operational status.

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The quality is our top priority, so we pay a lot of attention. As well as the quality of the materials being welded.


PETROCard Czech s.r.o,
Michálkovická 2036/86,
Slezská Ostrava, 710 00


+420 596 410 409



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