Steel Structures

We offer you

Manufacture of steel stuctures, technological containers, advertising media etc.

From design to implementation

We will help you with the design, we provide manufacturing, assembly, surface treatment and transportation of final product.

Something extra

We provide production of advertising pylons / totem, supporting structures, supply of visual attics or roofs.

In the Czech Republic and abroad

Assembly and delivery is performed throughout the country, but also in other countries.

Custom production

We arrange custom manufacturing of atypical steel structures as desired.

are you wondering,

Wondering what we manage?

We provide everything from the design of complex steel structures, structural assessment, the necessary permits, project documentation through the entire production, surface treatment, transportation of the assembled product to the construction site.

We produce technical and technological rooms, the foundation of which is supporting steel structure and sheathing from the polyurethane panels. Everything will be designed according to your specific requirements for the look as well as on the use. Technical and technological rooms can be produced and transported to the place of destination, or to assemble them on-site.

We are also able to offer production of advertising pylons / totems for petrol stations, supporting structures for advertising media and logos. We can arrange delivery of attics and visual graphics for our steel structures. By request, we can cover your petrol station or car wash by our roofing.

We also offer custom manufacturing of various atypical steel structures.


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